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    Weaver Aircraft Company’s “WACO”, CF-AYS, is an example of one of the smaller bush planes used in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s in western Canada. The aircraft under restoration operated from Flin Flon and The Pas and was owned by Arrow Airways of Flin Flon; the first owner of CF-AYS. Arrow Airways was eventually purchased by James A. Richardson and Canadian Airways and eventually became a part of Canadian Pacific Airlines.

    Restoration Update

    Aircraft doors, cockpit windows and the windshield were installed. The landing gear has been mounted. A Jacobs engine was restored and installed by the engine shop crew. Final painting of the wings, completion of the interior and some fabrication work for the wings is to be completed.

    Restoration-WACO-RAMWCCopyright 0070-Bulkhead

    In this photo, Al Nelson, Head of Restoration, figures out stringer spacing on the WACO bulkhead.


    In this photo, Wilf Keith installs WACO fuselage stringers.

    From our archives, a few photos of CF-AYS…

    CF_AYS_RAMWCCopyright CF-AYS-RAMWCCopyright-10-146-001 CF-AYS-RAMWCCopyright-10-316-015